Humboldt is home to over 30 acres of parks and open spaces and a growing pedestrian trails and pathways system.

With playgrounds, picnic areas, a spray park, natural areas, sports fields, a skateboard park, open spaces and trails for cycling, rollerblading, running or walking, there's a wide variety of outdoor spaces for all to enjoy.

1. A.E.Kilcher Park (9th Avenue between 14th & 16th Streets)

2. Bill Brecht Memorial Park (Laskin Cresent)

3. Carl Schenn Recreational Park ( 12th Avenue near Bence Place)

4. Centennial Park (Humboldt Uniplex Grounds)

5. Civic Park (Highway #5 & Main Street)

6. Conexus Pocket Park (Along Highway #5 by campground)

7. Glenn Hall Park (Highway #5 & 4th Street)

8. Peace Park (13th Avenue and Brockman Place)

9. St. Augustine School Grounds (9th Avenue & 12th Street)

10. St. Dominic School Grounds (2nd AVenue & 6th Street)

11. St. Elizabeth Park (1309 9th Street)

12. Water Ridge Park (1st Street off of the Golf Course Road)

13. Wilf Chamney Park (2nd Avenue & 13th Street)

Weed Management

The City sprays for weeds in public parks and green spaces through the summer months. When spraying, both humidity and wind are taken into consideration before the product is applied.

Spraying for dandelions in the parks and road ditches takes place in the fall. This provides the best results because plants are rooting for the winter.

Residents are reminded to watch for signs stating that an area has been treated. It is recommended that residents and their pets stay off the sprayed site for 24 hours.

Mosquito Control

The City operates an environmentally-sensitive mosquito control program that is designed to reduce nuisance populations in our community to tolerable levels.

Mosquito control occurs only on City-owned property. Larvacide product is applied weekly to areas of standing water within Humboldt municipal boundaries.

Residents are advised that the program cannot completely eliminate mosquitoes, but can only help control and reduce levels.


Humboldt's parks use environmentally-friendly pesticides and employ sustainable turf maintenance strategies.