Road Maintenance

Posted August 9, 2018

Crews are busy working in various areas of the city, which will continue over the next couple of weeks. Watch for letters being delivered to your home when crews will be in your area.

The road maintenance application is called "slurry seal and crack sealing". Slurry seal is an oil emulsion and sand mixture that preserves the surface of the roadway, filling in the voids and worn areas of the road surface. We are asking residents to park elsewhere until the road maintenance is completed, once the signs and barricades are removed.

Areas selected for this process are:

Laskin Crescent - East to West Block

2nd Avenue - 2nd Street to 5th Street

3rd Street - North End of Pavement to Laskin Crescent 

4th Avenue - 5th Street to 7th Street

7th Avenue – 3rd Street to 5th Street

12th Avenue - 8th Street to 9th Street

4th Street from 13th Avenue to 14th Avenue

13th Avenue from 4th Street to Main Street

Brockman Place

Heidgerken Crescent

Thank you for your patience!